Identity, language and culture underpins everything we do!

Developing Leadership

We rise by lifting others!

  • Utilise opportunities to upgrade areas of practice to lead.
  • Distribute and delegate leadership capability across the staff.
  • Lead, and empower others to lead others.
  • Develop a skilled, collaborative team of leaders.
  • Use leadership as a lever to impact student achievement.

Teaching and Learning

How can I be the best teacher for my students?

  • Develop a curriculum that acknowledges, values and promotes student diversity.
  • Enhance teachers’ capability and confidence to teach effectively.
  • Embrace inclusive teaching practices that recognise and respond to the needs of every student.
  • Develop teaching practices that promote effective learning to accelerate student progress, achievement and knowledge.

Families and Communities

Families and school working together to ensure our tamariki succeed!

  • Foster and strengthen positive relationships between all members of our learning community.
  • Embrace and flaunt our culture and cultural identity.
  • Develop effective ways of communicating and sharing information with parents and the wider community.
  • Develop opportunities for parents to have greater understanding and engagement with their child’s learning.

Schoolwide Targets

We aim to increase student achievement of AT and ABOVE as follows: