At Rongomai, we have been fortunate to have Sistema Aotearoa back in our school again.  Sistema Aotearoa is partnered with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra and in term 2, our Year 2 students received music lessons every week.  We have been fortunate to have Sistema’s qualified music teachers come into Rongomai to deliver these lessons however, as of next term, our students will need to continue their music lessons at the Otara Music and Arts Centre (OMAC) – outside of the normal school hours.  This is where your children will learn how to play an actual violin or cello instrument.  We would love for all our Year 2 students to continue with these lessons which are FREE.  Please do not let transport and time be a barrier that will prevent your child from receiving these lessons.  Instead, come and talk to us at school – see your child’s teacher and we will find a way to ensure your child continues to receive these free lessons.  Please read the attached newsletter and complete the enrolment form if you would like your child’s lessons to continue at OMAC.  Enrolment Form and Lettter 2019.

For more information about Sistema Aotearoa, check out their website.